SPEAK ENGLISH Advanced Training Module

We follow an advanced delivery module and methodologies. All SPEAK ENGLISH training modules comes with a guarantee certificate for the desired result to every student .

Course Objective:

Advanced SPEAK ENGLISH module is suited for participants who have completed the basic and medium course module and have gained basic ability to speak and communicate in English. They need to work on improving their vocabulary arsenal along with enhancing their speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.They also need to engage in lot of live thought formations activities such as extempore, pair activities, group discussion and topic based presentation to improve the fluency in speaking English. The module helps the participants to handle the nervousness of public speaking and handling the complex interviews and being ready for the next bigger move in their career.

Points To Be Covered

Vocabulary building, Usage of Idiom, phrases and proverbs
Barriers to fluent communication, speaking and listening effectively
Focus on syllable stress, intonation, & pitch
Advanced Presentations and topic based group discussions
Pair and group activities
Fluency drills, debates, and role plays
Killing nervous ness and public speaking confidence building
Personal interview techniques and Mock sessions